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Floor leveler mixing station


Floor leveller mixing station


Floor leveler mixing station with the paddle (mixer not incl).
Liquid mixer for mixing self-leveling compounds; paint, pre-prepared, cement grout, thinners, grout, mortar, floor screed, plasters, concrete, quartz plasters, epoxies, and more. Perfect mixing, time for mixing cut off 50%, it eliminates fatigue for transporting the materials once

Compatible with our mixing drills: Electric Had Mixers – 1400W and 1600W

The Floor leveler mixing station is a great helper if you need to smooth out uneven concrete floors.
If you have an uneven basement floor, you can use self-leveling concrete to smooth everything out and get a nice and smooth one. This mixer is even handy if your concrete floor is just dirty. A thin layer of self-leveling mortar will give you a beautiful, clean concrete floor.
In addition, many floor coverings, such as vinyl, engineered flooring and parquet, require a smooth base surface. That’s because the final result of the floor depends on the preparation of their substrate.


  • Fluid Mixer With Paddle
  • 75L bucket
  • Mixing paddle (14M)
  • User manual.
  • Features;
    • Mixing fluid materials.
    • Sturdy steel frame.
    • Rubber wheels and dust-free cap.
    • Mounted with a universal attachment for drills and mixers.
    • Swivel wheels and tiltable bucket ensure even distribution of the mix.
    • Universal attachment for drills/mixers from Ø 40 mm to Ø 60 mm.
    • 3 spirals mixing-paddle; Ø 140 mm;
      stem length: 680 mm ; screw attachment 14M..
    • Stem length: screw attachment 14M.
    • Buckets capacity: 75L of mixed material; 75/100 Kg of dry (still to be mixed) material.
    • Weight 29kg.

EASY FILLING – With a rotating machine it is easy to pour in one maneuver. Holding the handles, rotate the mixer until an even pour is achieved.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 62 × 70 × 97 cm

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