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Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer


Mega Hippo mixing station 80L 1800W


Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer has a clever design. One person can mix, transport, and pour easily and accurately, reducing downtime and material waste. These versatile machines have a proven track record on construction sites, increasing productivity and profitability. The convenient wheelbase allows the mix to be delivered quickly to the right place with excellent control. Ideal for mixing large quantities and then pouring them into small containers.

There are several ways to mix self-leveling materials. It can be crude and ineffective manual methods to high-throughput methods that often require expensive equipment.. The mixing method is more important than the machine. The right equipment is a great help. To ensure a uniform appearance and quality, coatings require thorough mixing and rapid application to the floor. During the mixing process with Mega Hippo, the canister remains stationary while the mixing spiral or paddle rotates to mix the product. The paddle spins much faster compared to simple concrete mixers because some products require a much higher rotation speed of the mix. Materials such as self-leveling underlays, decorative strips, epoxy coatings need to be “churned” to release the polymers.

Nowadays are many different types of self-leveling materials available today. Self-leveling materials range from simple water-based coatings with a mixture of cement and aggregates to elaborate materials including many types of polymeric materials.
While different materials may have specific requirements, the basic technique is usually the same for all types of materials. Regardless of the material you are working with, thorough mixing is essential to meet the material manufacturer’s quality requirements and to obtain a finish that meets the customer’s expectations. Without this, an unsatisfactory finish and damage to the coating can lead to costly repairs.
Using Portamix Hippo Mega Mixer, you can increase your productivity by over 250% and reduce labor costs by up to 40%!
These two most important things will start saving your production costs, labor costs, which will bring additional savings.

Learn more about Portamix products on the official Portamix website

Additional information

Weight 50 kg

Important instructions and warning notices are allegorized on the machine by means of symbols:



Do not use an electric motor if explosive or flammable fumes are present or are caused by mixing action. A compressed air-powered motor should be used and adequate ventilation provided.



The Portamix Hippo is a rotary mixing device. DO NOT put hands or foreign objects into the canister whilst in operation or serious injury may result. Keep hands and other articles well clear of the mixing shaft and canister when mixing.



Some clouds of dust including food and wood clouds of dust are potentially explosive or flammable. Discuss this possibility with the material supplier. Ensure that if required, an appropriately certified dust extraction device is connected to the mixer.


Some products may give off harmful fumes when being mixed. Ensure adequate ventilation is provided. Accurately follow the safety instructions of the material supplier.


Before you start working, read the operating instructions of the machine.


Avoid distractions and keep focused while working. Keep the working area tidy and avoid hazardous situations.


Portamix Mega Hippo motors are fitted with an RCD safety device for your protection.


The manufacturer shall not be in any way liable

for any injury, damage, or motor failure if the mixing unit is used for purposes or products for which

is was not designed, or if safety and operational instructions have not been followed.


No liability for the operation or service life of motors not supplied by the manufacturer is accepted.


The use of the mixing unit does not guarantee the performance of materials mixed.


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