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Dangerous goods

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PU Foam Cleaner Penosil

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Cleaning spray for the removal of uncured construction foam from tools and surfaces.

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Pu Foam Cleaner Penosil for the removal of uncured construction foam from clothes and tools as well as for the immediate
inside and outside cleaning of foam gun after its use. Cleaning of window frames, windowsills, doors,
jambs, etc. from uncured construction foam during work.

  • Cleaning of foam gun after use both inside and outside.
  • Cleaning of clothes and tools from uncured construction foam.
  • Cleaning window frames, window sills, doors, jambs, etc. From uncured construction foam during work.
  • Efficiently cleans uncured construction foam from foam gun, clothes, adjacent surfaces.
  • Suitable for immediate cleaning of a foam gun from inside after use.

PU Foam Cleaner Penosil are available 650 ml aerosol can, content 500 ml,12 cans in a box

Learn more www.penosil.com

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12 Cans Carton, Can

The cleaner is inflammable and combustible. Only use in well-ventilated rooms, avoid smoking and static
electricity. Vapours may cause dizziness or vertigo. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of the reach
of children.
Detailed safety information is available on the safety data sheet (SDS).


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