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PU Mounting Foam Gunfoam

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Pu expanding foam

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PU Mounting Foam Gunfoam Penosil is a professional-grade PU foam with a flat structure and low subsequent expansion for demanding users.
Packaged in an aerosol can, can be used with a foam gun, moisture curing. Cured foam is a good thermal and sound insulator. The foam has good adhesive properties. Adheres to most building materials, except Teflon, polyethylene, and silicone surfaces. After curing, it does not resist UV radiation and needs to be covered.
PU Mounting Foam Gunfoam is designed for the installation of doors and windows, filling holes and cracks, as well as for sound and thermal insulation.

Operating temperature from +5 ° C to +40 ° C. Temperature of the can during application from +5 ° C to +35 ° C, best of all results at +20 ° C. Surfaces must be free from dust, loose particles, and oil. The cured foam may be painted with water-based paints.

While holding the can of foam upright, turn the gun towards the can, holding the gun handle with one hand, and turn the can with the other hand. Make sure the gun is not pointed at other people when turning it. The cylinder must not be screwed onto a gun with an inverted valve or turning the gun on the cylinder. After securing the gun, shake the can well at least 20 times. The amount of foam is regulated by the pistol trigger. The substrate should be moistened as the foam expands when exposed to moisture. A damp surface provides the best result. At low temperatures, the foam can be warmed up in a warm room or water before use. The room or water temperature must not exceed +30 ° C.

Uncured foam can be removed with acetone, hardened foam can be removed mechanically.

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12 Cans Carton, Can

The product is flammable. Protect from overheating and keep away from ignitions sources. Avoid direct sunlight and do not smoke during work. May cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact. Ensure
sufficient ventilation during application. Wear safety glasses and gloves. Keep out of the reach of children. Cured foam can be handled without any danger to health. Detailed safety information is available on the safety data sheet (SDS).


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