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Avewood Pty Ltd


Avewood Pty Ltd is the leading wholesaler and supplier in the flooring industry and beyond. As your flooring supplier, we have a broad range of flooring installation products suitable for your internal or external use in both commercial or residential areas. While our range of product options are increasing, we continue to cooperate closely with representatives of the construction industry. The company is constantly conducting market research, which allows us to place the necessary products on the market while improving ourselves by collaborating with designers, developers, manufacturers, and floor installers on new ideas and services every day.


Being a leading flooring tools and materials supplier doesn‘t keep Avewood back from supplying other building materials related to the construction industry.


There are many respected brands have chosen to work with Avewood Pty Ltd, such as the famous creative studio Craftor®, leading installation tools manufacturer Hardtouch®, the trusted supplier of tape products Alseal®, and one of the best bonding solution provider, which exports its products to more than 70 countries worldwide. Their environmentally friendly products are in great demand among consumers and they go hand in hand with economic progress.


Our hand-picked specialists communicate directly with the manufacturers and provide the best import and wholesale services for their needs. Every diligent specialist at Avewood Pty Ltd has years of experience and education in process management and standardization of the systems. This allows us to follow global developments and environmental requirements, which is significantly important for perfecting the implementation of our environmental programs.


Activity across Australia’s construction sector improved sharply last few years, fitting with the strength in Australian residential and commercial building approvals. Our specialists are aware of the market‘s needs and they thoroughly investigate the Australian construction market while taking into account the requirements of the Australian regulatory authorities, which are tightened up following global environmental programs. Australian construction industry might be very young compared to Old Europe, and that‘s why we are constantly helping to create and develop indigenous names based on global practices and treasures of knowledge.


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