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Safety Gloves

What does hand protection mean?
Hand protection relieves hands from any injuries at work. Hands are vital human tools, so they are also the most vulnerable. Very often, hands are exposed to dangerous conditions such as sharp edges, squeezing points, rotating machines, hot objects, electricity, debris, chemicals, etc. If the hands are exposed and injured, they will remain for life.

Protective gloves alone will not be enough to protect your hands from these injuries. We must do the following:

Conduct a risk assessment.
Follow the user manual and product labels.
Use appropriate gloves (type, size, and shape) and PPE or barrier cream.
Avoid the use of rings and finger jewelry such as bracelets or watches.
Change grips, hand positions, or movements. Give your hands a rest.
Use machine guards, safety devices, etc. at all times.
Lockout and turn off equipment and machines that are not in use.
Wash hands when in contact with harsh chemicals or as needed.


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