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Deck Jack


Decking installation Tool Deck Jack


The Deck Jack is another tool from the Hardtouch® family. Unlike the Flooring Jack, its function is to squeeze two or more decking boards into a designated place and hold them tightly. The tool helps hold the next decking board in the correct position relative to the installed board until you screw it down. The Deck Jack will help you straighten warped, bent, or crooked decking boards. Of course, a Clamp Belt is also suitable for this operation. But in some cases, Deck Jack is more convenient in the process of installing a decking board.

Convenient and simple operation! Move the handle backward to full into the toothed rack end direction, spread claws to the required width to embrace two decking boards. Position the tool so that the rear claw embraces the screwed deck board and the front claw embraces the ready-to-install board. Use the handle, move the toothed rack. Continue ratcheting until the front claw attracts the prepared board into the required position. To release the jack, simply move the handle to the full backward position.

Deck Jack helps you push or pull decking boards into place. The tool can help straighten warped, bowed, or crooked decking boards.

Additional information

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 37 × 12 × 9 cm

1. Use the tool only as directed. DO NOT USE IT FOR LIFTING!
2. Wear approved safety goggles and safety gloves during use.
3. Keep the instrument out of the reach of children.
4. Keep your fingers away from the gear area.
5. Do not force handle in any way. Do not strike the ratchet handle with a mallet
or use an extension on the handle.
6. Keep the work area clean and well-lit.
7. Keep the mechanism clean. Store it in a dry place.
8. Do not use tools while tired or under the influence of drugs or medication.


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