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Flooring nails 13ga Top nails


Strip nails for flooring. Top nails for solid hardwood floorboards.
Suitable all T-nailers and 13GA nailers. Box 2500 pcs.

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Flooring nails 13ga Top nails

Tongue and groove flooring boards didn’t become popular until the end of the 19th century. Before that, floors were made from straight planks, which installers had to nail through their tops. Modern installers hardly ever use this method of nailing, primarily because it results in visible nails and gapping. You may decide to top-nail, however, to give a room a colonial look or to provide extra reinforcement for wide-plank flooring. If so, you’ll probably still be working with tongue and groove boards, and they will look and wear better if you also blind-nail them for reinforcement. Boards for top nailing and cover widths of 65 mm or less should be top nailed with one or two nails at each joist. Boards for top nailing and a cover width over 65 mm and up to 135 mm wide should be top nailed with two nails at each joist. Boards wider than 135 mm are often top nailed with two or three nails.

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