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Electric Mixer 1600W


B.A.T. Trims Professional Series Electric Mixer 1600W

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Pro Series Electric Mixer 1600W hand mixer for mixing liquid compounds manually in a bucket and mixing station. It is suitable for mixing adhesives and floor levelers.

This electric mixer is designed for mixing construction materials and chemicals and for mixing even heavy materials such as high-density mortar quickly and thoroughly. The mixing paddle is specially selected for optimum results. Do not abuse this product. It has been designed for appropriate use by tradesmen and craftsmen of all trades.


  • Heavy Duty
  • Includes Paddle and Wrench
  • Variable speed
  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced design
  • 12-month warranty
  • Spare carbon brushes included

You must observe certain precautions when using the equipment to prevent injury and damage. You should therefore always read these operating instructions carefully.


P.s. Product photos can be slightly different of original

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 62 × 33 × 26 cm

WARNING! This power tool is designed to work as a mixer. Read all safety warnings, instructions, illustrations and specifications provided with this power tool. Failure to follow all instructions may result in electric shock, fire, and/or serious injury.

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