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Oversized Product

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OSB T/G Flooring Panel


OSB T/G flooring panel 3600x900x18


OSB T/G Flooring Panel is a material with good mechanical properties. That makes it particularly suitable for load-bearing structures in construction. It is now more popular than plywood and holds 66% of the building panel market. Its main purpose is to cover walls, floors and roofs. For exterior walls, you can choose panels with a laminated radiation barrier on one side. This simplifies installation and increases the energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Stabilizes and strengthens

SWISS KRONO OSB / 3, T + G stands out for its wide range of applications with its reinforcing properties and very high bending strength. Despite its relatively lightweight, it achieves a flexural strength similar to that of plywood. OSB T/G Flooring Panel is CE-certified in accordance with DIN EN 13986. The OSB board is produced in accordance with EN 300 and is fitted with four-sided tongue-and-groove joints, excellent for seamless installation. Furthermore, the OSB board is bonded without formaldehyde.
Due to its good technical properties and seamless surface, OSB T/G perfect for the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings and the construction of new, environmentally friendly houses. The precisely matched tongue-and-groove system allows quick and easy installation directly on screeds and beams or over the insulation to reduce transmitted impact noise.

Why do contractors like to use OSB for sub-flooring?

Some builders say they prefer OSB to plywood for floors because the surface (when new) is always clean, even, and free of knots. Simply put, many contractors find OSB to be a more stable product than plywood or other types of subfloor materials: all sheets are the same. Another reason builders use OSB is for money. OSB is usually cheaper than plywood, so builders and contractors can squeeze a little more profit out of the project. When OSB goes beyond flooring to wall and roof cladding, profitability will increase.

Ecologically clean

SWISS KRONO OSB / 3 has been used with outstanding results in countless flat roof constructions. Unlike other structural wood materials used for flat roofs, SWISS KRONO OSB / 3 does not require chemical treatment.


Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 360 × 90 × 0.18 cm

■ Protect boards from exposure to significant moisture or very high relative humidity.
■ Prevent boards from directly contacting the ground.
■ Only store outdoors temporarily, and if unavoidable cover stacks with watertight but water-vapor-permeable tarpaulins.
■ Always stack boards horizontally on pallets and wooden sleepers (spaced up to 600mm apart).
■ Align sleepers precisely with one another and parallel to the shorter side of the boards.
■ Lay boards so their edges line up (with a maximum overhang of 15mm).

Laying and Boarding
■ For interior or exterior boarding applications, leave expansion gaps at least 3mm wide between boards.
■ When laying closely on interior walls with butt joints, leave room for expansion where boards adjoin other structures.
■ When used as flooring, the panel’s in-service moisture content must not exceed 20%. If the board has become wet then it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that the board dry out to 20% moisture content before covering
■ During moderate weather conditions three months exposure is possible. Panel edges should be sealed or taped.

Coating and Painting
■ SWISS KRONO OSB with a ContiFinish® face may be coated with a solvent-containing PU (DD) or synthetic-resin varnish.
■ Sanded surfaces may be coated like normal wood (e.g. with varnishes, paints, oils, waxes, and glazes).
■ It is advisable to apply at least three coats, sanding after the first one.
■ Application of at least three coats is recommended.
■ The only way to achieve an absolutely smooth surface is to apply filler.

Important Note on Coating and Painting!
When coating SWISS KRONO OSB with oil or hard wax oil, ingredients in the oil may interact with natural wood resins in the SWISS KRONO OSB. This can result in an intense odor that persists for quite a while. We, therefore, recommend that you consult the manufacturer of the oil or hard wax oil before using it.



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