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Skirting and Architraves (Baseboard)


Finger joint Primed Radiata Pine Skirting board 5.4 m long

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Skirting and Architraves (Baseboard)

Skirting and Architraves (Baseboard) are designed to cover various gaps and connections between different parts and elements of a building. It can be made from wood, MDF, vinyl.

Architrave is a plank that frames door frames and windows around. Its purpose is to cover gaps between frame and wall and make it look like a decorative frame.

Skirting in original is called Baseboard.
The Baseboard (also called a skirting board, skirting, base molding, floor molding, wainscoting, or mopboard) in architecture is usually a plank of wood, MDF, or vinyl that covering the bottom of an interior wall. Its purpose is to close the flooring expansion joint between the wall surface and the floor.

Almost all wooden floor coverings and flooring imitation like laminate flooring planks or vinyl planks require a 10mm expansion gap around the perimeter. Covers the uneven edge of the flooring against the wall; protects the wall from impacts, abrasion, and furniture; and can serve as a decorative molding. There is recommended 18mm thickness skirting.

Skirting boards with a thinner 11 mm profile can be used where a 10 mm gap is not required. These are carpets, windows, and door frames.

The wooden baseboard comes with a prepainted option. Prepainted Skirting boards are made from finger-jointed Radiata Pine.

Additional information

Dimensions 5.4 × 0.0018 × 0.09 cm
Form Type

Bevelled, Bullnose, Colonial, Colonial NSW, Dressed All Round, Half Splayed 25, Half Splayed 33, Pencil Round


110mm, 116mm, 138mm, 185mm, 18mm, 30mm, 42mm, 66mm, 90mm


11mm, 18mm


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