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Vinyl Adhesive


Ideal for vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles

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 Vinyl  Adhesive  ALSEAL AS-5800  for planks

The adhesive is a high-strength, water-based, and easy-to-spread product designed for installing vinyl floor coverings like planks, sheets, tiles etc. onto most types of subfloor surfaces. The adhesive will become tacky and is able to grab resilient-floors for easing installation works especially when the subfloor is not 100% even. This adhesive has very long workability, up to 12 hours! Low VOC emission, just 4.15 g / L. It is ten times below the limitation rate is requiring according to SCAQMD rule 1168 (50g/L). The product is very convenient if you are installing vinyl parquet. AS-5800 does not require any additional application or cleaning if you want to change the position of glued material. The time for relocate operation has a limit of up to 2 hours. You can easily install any type of floor without having to be a professional installer.

If any vinyl flooring supplier is recommending adhesive for you promising a guarantee for the floor covering material. In this case, you should require a written guarantee for the bond of the floor covering but not for vinyl floor only.

Ideal for vinyl plank flooring, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles, vinyl wall-based, Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), vinyl floor maintenance, concrete, wood, and hardboard etc.

  • Sticks fast
  • High strength and excellent grab
  • Ready-mixed, easy to use
  • Installation and clean-up is simple
  • Good residual tack
  • Long working time
  • Low odour and low emission
  • Environmentally friendly

Please pay attention, that this type of flooring is not recommended for rooms with high temperatures and high levels of direct sunlight. Both flooring and vinyl flooring adhesives can be negatively affected.




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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 38 cm

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